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Welcome to Jeff's Best Hemp! and Jeff's Best Blends! We are a family friendly Raw Vegan Superfoods and Bodycare Company, specializing in Ultra Pure Industrial Hemp Seed Based Superfoods, Superfoods and Essential Oils. All of our Industrial Hemp Superfoods are produced in compliance with Federal guidelines as defined by the Hemp Foods act of 2004, The Industrial Hemp Farm Bill of 2015-(H.R.-525) as well as being compliant with DSHEA guidelines, Testpledge, and FinServ guidelines.

For the products with Industrial Hemp Plant that we make, we work exclusively with Canadian Organic Industrial Hemp Agriculture, and do not produce any products from any form of Medical Cannabis, nor do we use any form of hemp from China. In addition to this, we independently lab test all ingredients for all products twice for Potency, Purity, Composition, and Strength above and beyond GMP guidelines.  We encourage you to shop with confidence, safety, and applaud your efforts to take steps to acheive Opulent Health!